Spot the Sticker!

Measurement Canada has launched "Spot the Sticker", a new initiative that helps businesses show their commitment to ensuring their customers are charged fairly when purchasing measured goods such as gasoline and produce.

Businesses displaying the Spot the Sticker decal have scales, gas pumps or other measuring devices that have been certified as measuring accurately. When consumers see this decal, they will know the business is committed to ensuring accurate measure.

These decals will be distributed by Measurement Canada to device owners upon completion of an inspection that demonstrates their devices are measuring accurately. Participation in the program is voluntary.

The window decal is removable, enabling a new decal to be applied in subsequent years or its removal if the measuring devices are found to be measuring inaccurately during a subsequent inspection.

Image of window decal

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How to order your Spot the Sticker window decal

Your Spot the Sticker window decal will show your customers that you take measurement accuracy seriously and are committed to making sure your customers receive the amount of product they've paid for.

If your devices are currently within their certification period, you can order a decal for your business. Please contact Measurement Canada at 1-877-646-7525 or to order your window decal.