Gas Process Advisory Committee (GPAC)

In cooperation with representatives from the natural gas industry, Measurement Canada (MC) formed the Gas Process Advisory Committee (GPAC) in 2005, and jointly established a policy issue resolution process for the GPAC to administer. This process is currently being used by the committee when reviewing proposed regulatory requirements or amendments (i.e. new or revised specifications, bulletins, and procedures), and when making decisions on the timing and manner in which these documents will be developed. A detailed description of this process is contained in the Intervention Implementation Program Application Manual, a copy of which may be accessed via the link below. The mandate and duties of the committee are listed in the GPAC's Terms of Reference, a copy of which may be accessed via the link below. Additional information regarding the GPAC, and copies of the committee's meeting minutes, may be obtained upon request by contacting:

Steve Clyens
Senior Program Officer, Gas Measurement
Utility Metering Division, Program Development Directorate
Tel. 416-938-5712
Fax. 905-943-8738