Consultation on a draft policy on the use of meters in natural gas/hydrogen blending activities

Current status: Closed

This consultation was closed on .

Hydrogen blending is an emerging practice in many countries currently relying on natural gas including in Canada, where multiple pilot projects are taking place across provinces and territories. It is known that the increased use of hydrogen in natural gas blends will directly impact several aspects of regulated meters used in trade measurement, including meter performance and accuracy. Regulatory bodies around the world are progressing at various rates in developing and implementing new requirements and standards to oversee related metering and testing equipment.

While the natural gas industry and Measurement Canada (MC) are in the early stages of determining the effects of hydrogen blending on gas meters, MC is committed to taking a leading role in assisting the gas industry in addressing the impact of hydrogen blending on meter performance and accuracy and in filling the gap with other jurisdictions. The proposed policy will help MC oversee and monitor hydrogen blending activities, providing minimum measurement standards to which all vendors involved in hydrogen blending must comply while providing the flexibility to stimulate innovative initiatives and novel pilot projects. The proposed policy will also help to ensure consumer and customer protection against loss due to inaccurate measurement.

MC is currently conducting a consultation on its draft policy to establish the requirements and conditions for the use of gas meters in trade measurement activities associated with hydrogen blending in the natural gas network and to modify sample selection requirements and reverification periods for gas meters that are authorized for such use.

This consultation will close on January 16, 2023.