Consultation with electric vehicle charging station operators and equipment manufacturers, and consumers

A readily accessible and sustainable electric vehicle (EV) charging station infrastructure is necessary for increased consumer and business adoption of EVs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and the achievement of the Government of Canada clean technology and green economy objectives.

Measurement Canada (MC), an agency of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, is responsible for ensuring devices used to measure electricity are accurate. Provincial regulators are responsible for establishing the fee customers are charged for electricity consumption and for billing practices.

The agency is seeking input from Canadians, including EV charging station operators, equipment manufacturers and consumers as part of the development of technical standards and requirements to allow EV charging station operators to bill their customers based on the amount of electricity consumed during the charging process. The Government of Canada is also working with Deloitte, a private sector consulting firm, to help with the consultation.

It is anticipated that EV charging stations will be equipped with meters to measure the amount of electricity supplied to charge an EV, and that these meters may be subject to technical standards and requirements similar to those for traditional electricity meters. The requirements will be performance-based with a view to minimizing costs and regulatory burden for EV charging station operators, while ensuring consumers receive accurate and reliable measurement, and protection against unfair practices.

The consultation builds off insights gained from focus sessions with key stakeholders on potential approaches to charging EVs based on electricity consumed. MC is now seeking input from a broader spectrum of EV charging station operators, equipment manufacturers and consumers.

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For further information and to monitor the progress of the development of the requirements, please visit the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations web page.