Consultation on a proposed revision to bulletin GEN-28 on the provision of gas, test equipment and facilities for the inspection of compressed natural gas distributors

Current status: Closed

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Bulletin GEN-28 provides clarification on the contractor's obligation under section 19 of the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act (EGIA) with respect to the supply of electricity or gas, test equipment and facilities for conducting inspections and tests on meters and other measuring devices used in the supply of electricity or gas.

The addition of clarifications specific to the inspection and testing of compressed natural gas (CNG) dispensers was deemed necessary in order to ensure the proper disposal of any CNG dispensed as part of inspections and testing as Measurement Canada (MC) test equipment may not be suitable. Furthermore, the disposal of dispensed gas after testing can be problematic due to the ever-increasing capacity of CNG dispensers and changing environmental regulations and restrictions.

MC is currently consulting on a revision to bulletin GEN-28 to clarify and summarize its policy regarding provisions to be made at CNG fuelling stations to supply the gas, test equipment and facilities needed for the inspection and testing of CNG dispensers. Inspections and tests which may be conducted under the EGIA include meter type approvals, verifications and reverifications, product audits, monitoring of measurement accuracy, dispute investigations and any other special investigations.


Is the content of the revision to bulletin GEN-28 sufficient for manufacturers of CNG dispensers and CNG fuelling station owners and operators to understand their obligations under the EGIA when CNG dispensers are inspected and tested? Please explain your answer.

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This consultation will close on February 16, 2023.