Consumers consultation: Electric Vehicle Chargers

A readily accessible and sustainable zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) charging station infrastructure is necessary for continued increased consumer and business adoption of ZEVs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and the achievement of the Government's clean technology and green economy objectives. While electric vehicle (EV) charging and refuelling stations are available in more and more locations, the measurement and pricing of the energy being sold is not always clear to EV owners.

There is increasing evidence that charging consumers based on the amount of electricity consumed is a more equitable approach than the current practice of charging based on a flat rate or the amount of time needed to charge an EV. In Canada, devices such as electric meters and fuel pumps have to meet standards to ensure that consumers and businesses are accurately billed for the amount of electricity or fuel that they use. However, standards do not currently exist for commercial EV chargers.

Measurement Canada has been consulting with EV charging equipment manufacturers and EV charging station operators as part of developing requirements that would allow EV charging station operators to bill customers based on the amount of electricity consumed during the charging process. These standards and requirements will ensure customers are accurately billed for the actual amount of electricity consumed during a charge and support increased trust and certainty in the EV charging process.

Measurement Canada wants to hear from Canadians who own or are likely to own EVs in the near future concerning EV charging methods and EV charging billing approaches and methods of payment. Data received will help Measurement Canada make informed decisions as it develops requirements for EV charging stations in the Canadian marketplace.

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For further information and to monitor the progress of the development of the requirements, please visit the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations web page.