GEN-23—Conditional permission with respect to electricity and gas metering installations

The copy of this document located on Measurement Canada's website is considered to be the controlled copy.

Date: 1999-09-20
Bulletin: GEN-23
Reference Document: GEN-24
Supersedes: CEG-91-02 dated 1991-06-10

Table of contents

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this bulletin is to set out Measurement Canada's policy with respect to the putting into service of electricity and gas metering installations.

2.0 Authority

This conditional dispensation is granted under the authority of subsection 9(2) of the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act.

3.0 Definition

A metering installation is an assembly of two or more meters, measuring devices, or other apparatus which are installed at the same location and function collectively for the purpose of making measurements of, or obtaining the basis of a charge for, electricity or gas supplied to a purchaser, and includes any other equipment, wiring, piping, or other apparatus necessary to assemble the measuring devices into a functioning unit.

4.0 Conditional dispensation

4.1 Subject to clause 4.2, an electricity or gas metering installation may be put into service without verification and sealing on a temporary basis subject to the following conditions:

  1. the metering installation shall be verified and sealed after a period of being in service, at which time this temporary permission will cease to be effective for the metering installation so verified and sealed;
  2. the meters, wiring, piping, or other apparatus used by the contractor for the measurement or conveyance of electricity or gas shall be handled and installed by qualified personnel in accordance with suitable, documented procedures which ensure correct installation; and
  3. the individual meters and measuring devices which comprise the metering installation shall comply with all requirements of the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act and Regulations.

4.2 The permission in clause 4.1 shall not apply to any individual metering installation or class of metering installations for which the President has issued instructions requiring verification and sealing to be performed prior to putting them into service.