Weights and measures inspection services

Measurement Canada has two alternative service delivery programs that enable qualified private sector authorized service providers to inspect scales, gas pumps and other measuring devices for use in the Canadian marketplace: accreditation and registration. You can access a list of Measurement Canada accredited and registered service providers, as well as the scope of the inspection services they can provide.

The Weights and Measures Act places the responsibility for device accuracy on device owners, such as retailers. In addition, recent amendments to the Weights and Measures Act and Regulations require mandatory inspections at regular intervals in the following categories of trade: retail and downstream petroleum, mining products, grain and field crop products, dairy products, forestry products, retail food, and fishing products. The requirement for mandatory initial inspections continues to apply to all categories of trade.

Effective , all mandatory inspections of scales, gas pumps and other types of measuring devices used in measurement-based financial transactions are to be carried out by Measurement Canada authorized service providers. In cases where there is no service provider in Canada authorized to provide the type of inspection service required, contact Measurement Canada to determine how to proceed.

The use of Measurement Canada authorized service providers to provide inspection services is in keeping with Measurement Canada's commitment to focus its resources on establishing rules and requirements related to measurement, investigating occurrences of suspected inaccurate measurement, and monitoring the performance of authorized service providers and the marketplace in general.