GEN-16—Conformance with industry safety and security requirements

The copy of this document located on Measurement Canada's website is considered to be the controlled copy.

Category: General
Bulletin: GEN-16 (rev. 2)
Issue Date: 2011-02-24
Effective Date: 2011-05-01
Supersedes: GEN-16 (rev. 1)

Table of contents

1.0 Scope

The purpose of this bulletin is to outline Measurement Canada's policy with respect to conformance with industry safety and security requirements.

2.0 Background

Section 17 of the Weights and Measures Act and section 26 of the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act provide Measurement Canada inspectors with the authority to enter a company's premises for the purpose of performing functions pursuant to these Acts. It is an offence to obstruct or hinder an inspector in the performance of his/her duties.

3.0 Policy

While on company premises, a Measurement Canada inspector is a law enforcement officer performing a public duty. As a law enforcement officer, an inspector is obligated fo fulfill the requirements of the Weights and Measures Act and the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act, but it is not legally compelled to comply with a company's safety and security requirements.

Measurement Canada inspectors will conform to all appropriate safety and security practices, but will not comply with requests that are not directly related to the safe completion of an inspection (i.e. requests for proof of liability insurance, information regarding Measurement Canada's standing with Worker's Compensation). An inspector may sign a form expressing his/her willingness to conform to appropriate site safety and security requirements, but will not sign a release relieving the company from any claims resulting from accidents while the inspector is on the premises.

4.0 Revision

4.1 The purpose of revision 1 was to change all references of Legal Metrology Branch to Measurement Canada.

4.2 The purpose of revision 2 is to add a reference to the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act in section 3.0 of the English version of this bulletin.