Information on the attribution and use of revenue meters under the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act

The purpose of this Information Bulletin is to summarize Measurement Canada's requirements related to the supply and measurement of electricity or natural gas (gas) for sale or resale to purchasers by any supplier in Canada. These requirements apply to all entities including, but not limited to utilities, trailer parks, marinas, property developers, property managers, realty companies, etc. The information in this document was previously provided in bulletin GEN-18 (rev. 1) which was revoked in 2013.

Included in this document are pertinent references to sections of the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act (Act) that apply to the attribution and use of revenue meters and suppliers of electricity and gas. Additional requirements that support the implementation of the Act and the Electricity and Gas Inspection Regulations (Regulations) can be obtained on Measurement Canada's website. Those requirements include specifications for type approval, verification, sealing, installation and use of meters for trade or revenue purposes. Policy bulletins, procedures and information bulletins can also be obtained from the Agency's website. These documents provide interpretation of the Act, Regulations and policies that are required to be adhered to by anyone using measuring devices for the purpose of sale of electricity or gas.

What is a meter?

As defined by the Act, a “meter” means an electricity or gas meter and includes any apparatus used for the purpose of making measurements of, or obtaining the basis of a charge for, electricity or gas supplied to a purchaser.

The definition of a “meter” includes electricity and gas ancillary devices such as electricity instrument transformers, gas pressure regulators, etc., that may be used with one or more meters.

Anyone using a meter for trade measurement of electricity or gas must be registered as a contractor and use metering devices that are approved, verified, sealed and maintained in accordance with the Agency's requirements and policies.

Requirements for suppliers (contractors) of electricity and gas

In accordance with section 6 of the Act, no person (or corporation) may undertake to supply electricity or gas on the basis of measurement unless they hold a valid certificate of registration as a contractor from the director (President, Measurement Canada) appointed pursuant to the Act.

In accordance with section 10 of the Regulations, a contractor ceasing to sell electricity or gas on the basis of measurement must notify the Agency indicating the date on which this activity was stopped and provide details regarding the disposition or intended disposition of all meters owned, used, or possessed by the contractor.

To register as a contractor, an Application for Certificate of Contractor Registration is to be completed and returned to Measurement Canada.

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In accordance with subsection 16(2) and section 18 of the Act, all suppliers (contractors, meter owners) are obligated to keep detailed records for each revenue meter used in their system in the manner prescribed in section 11 of the Regulations. Records must be made readily available for examination by Measurement Canada representatives.

Attribution of revenue metering devices

In accordance with section 2 and subsection 9(1) of the Act, any metering device used for the purpose of establishing the basis of a charge for the supply of electricity or gas is a revenue meter and, as such, includes any sub-metering device or any apportionment metering device used to determine charges for the supply of electricity or gas to individual purchasers in a multiple-unit complex. Metering devices used solely for “non-billing” applications such as load monitoring, energy management, utility bill reconciliation or "check" metering, etc., are not considered to be revenue meters provided that, in each case, no assessment of electricity or gas charges is directly established on the measurement readings of such meters.

Provisions for use of revenue meters

In accordance with subsections 9(1) and 9(4) of the Act, all revenue meters must be of a type approved by the director (President, Measurement Canada) and each approved meter must be verified and sealed in accordance with the Act and Regulations, and the requirements of applicable specifications and policies prior to being put into service.

In accordance with 16(1) of the Act all suppliers (contractors, meter owners) are obligated to keep each verified meter in good repair and are responsible for causing each meter to be dealt with from time to time in accordance with the requirements of the Act and the Regulations and, subject to those requirements, the owner is liable to pay any fees chargeable for so dealing with the meter.

For additional information concerning this Information Bulletin, please contact the Senior Program Officer responsible for electricity measurement.