Information bulletin: New requirements for the approval and use of loss compensation metering

In March 2014, Measurement Canada (MC) and the Canadian Electrical Association (CEA) formed the Electricity Loss Compensation Joint Working Group, which developed type approval and use requirements for loss compensation metering. The final documents were posted for public consultation on Measurement Canada's website from February 10, to March 31, 2016.

Changes have been made to the specifications and policies for loss compensation metering in consideration of comments received during consultation. The following documents have now been authorized and published on Measurement Canada's website:

  • S-E-12—Specifications for the Approval of Type of Electricity Meters Equipped With Loss Compensation (effective

    Note: This document contains new specifications for the approval of type of electricity meters equipped with loss compensation. The mandatory implementation of the requirements and policies in S-E-12 will be phased in over a time frame to coincide with the dates that will be stipulated in bulletin E-31 (expected for the year 2021 or 2022). This bulletin, which has not yet been posted, is presently being revised to update the implementation of approval and verification specifications being finalized by the Complex Metering Implementation Joint Working Group for standardized electricity energy and demand legal units of measure. Publication of bulletin E-31 is expected sometime during the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

In addition to the above, new installation and use specifications that address the establishment of loss compensation values outside the meter have been incorporated within the requirements and policies of an upcoming new document entitled S-E-11—Specifications for the Installation and Use of Approved and Verified Electricity Meter Used to Establish Processed Legal Units of Measure. These specifications, which remain under review, were developed by the MC and CEA's Complex Metering Implementation Joint Working Group. Mandatory implementation of the requirements and policies of S-E-11 will be communicated in accordance with the policies of bulletin E-31 mentioned above.