Information - Pulse Tampering

It has been brought to the attention of Measurement Canada that load rack measuring systems at several locations may have been compromised by the addition of counterfeit components. To date, these modified devices have only been discovered on equipment located on the West coast of the USA, but the potential exists for such modifications to take place at any major terminals within Canada.

The current generation of counterfeit devices was designed to work with metering systems that employ a single pulse data train, and as such, it would not work directly on Canadian systems which employ dual pulse data transmission. That said, it is possible to disable the dual pulse mode or to develop a more sophisticated counterfeit device for the Canadian market.

Measurement Canada inspection staff will be on the lookout for suspicious components on metering systems as they go about their inspection work, but device owners may want to consider a plan to examine their equipment to determine if any such counterfeit devices have been installed.

Although these counterfeit devices can be installed on any manufacturer's system that utilizes meter pulses to stream data to an electronic register, FMC Technologies Measurement Solutions Inc. has officially issued a bulletin on their website covering the discovery of counterfeit devices that can lead to the facilitation of fraud, see the URL below;

FMC Technologies Measurement Solutions Inc.

This documentation will aid in identification of the counterfeit equipment, however there may be other equipment in the field that has not been discovered. The counterfeit components can be hidden in the conduit system anywhere between the meter and the electronic register. Also it is possible that the designers of these counterfeit devices have learned of their discovery and could have possibly produced other versions of devices that require a different sequence to activate than what is described in the document.