Elster A3R meters unapproved for use with kVAh


Elster A3R meters are subject to the requirements of notice of approval (NOA) AE-1168. The A3R model was not approved for use with kVAh, and as such, does not have an approved testing provision for this unit of measure. Nevertheless, A3R meters were deployed with an unapproved and unverified legal unit of measure (kVAh). Many of these meters are used in service for the measurement and sale of electricity.

Under the same NOA, the A3K model was designed and approved for kVAh billing applications. The manufacturer attests to the design and metrological similarities between the A3R and A3K models. Measurement Canada acknowledges that the risk of kVAh measurement inaccuracy when using the A3R model is negligible.

Measurement Canada is therefore allowing A3R meters currently used for kVAh billing applications to remain in service until they are removed or due for reverification. Similarly, any A3R meters held in inventory may be put into service for kVAh billing applications within their current seal period. Any new installations of the A3R model must comply with the most recent revision of AE-1168.

Upon expiry of the initial seal period, A3R meters used for kVAh billing must be replaced by a meter that is approved and verified for kVAh billing applications. The potential to use the A3R meter for kVAh billing applications will be conditional on the applicable version of the NOA at the time of reverification.

In the meantime, Measurement Canada is in discussions with Honeywell to devise a strategy to establish testing provisions and potentially approve the use of kVAh within the A3R model.