M-10 — Initial Inspection of Portable Vehicle Scales

Date: 1995-09-30
Bulletin: M-10-E (rev. 1)
Category: Mass
Supersedes: M-10-E
Document(s): W&M Regulations, section 28; SGM 1

1. Section 28 of the Weights and Measures Regulations states that except for devices, the performance of which cannot be inspected until the device is installed for use in trade, all other devices must be inspected before being sold, leased or otherwise disposed of by the dealer.

2. Portable vehicle scales are designed to be portable and are generally used in that manner. Unlike permanent vehicle scales, which normally remain on one site for the duration of their lifespan, portable vehicle scales are often moved, making the effectiveness of the on-site initial inspection questionable relative to the costs incurred.

3. Initial inspections of these devices at the manufacturer's or dealer's premises would result in reduced costs for industry and a significant saving in time and expenses to the sub-activity, without significantly diminishing the effectiveness of the inspection.

4. Accordingly, portable vehicle scales may be factory initially inspected in accordance with section 28 of the Regulations, except that portable vehicle scales that will be installed on a permanent basis shall continue to be initially inspected following installation for use in trade.

5. Portable vehicle scales inspected at the factory must conform to all applicable requirements; must be tested with a minimum of 10 000 kilograms (or 20 000 pounds) of standards; must be tested to approved capacity; and must perform within a single limit of error.