M-14—Use of scales by weight loss establishments

Date: 1994-05-01
Bulletin: M-14-E
Category: Mass

1. The purpose of this bulletin is to outline the policy regarding scales used in weight loss establishments, where the cost of the weight loss program is determined on the basis of measure.

2. It has been determined that some establishments offer weight loss services based on measurements obtained from not legal for trade scales. The cost of such a weight loss program can vary considerably if inaccurate measurement occurs.

3. This service is regarded as trade and is subject to Weights and Measures Regulations. Consequently, approved and initially inspected scales will be required at weight loss establishments which determine the costs of weight loss programs on the basis of measure.

4. Measurement Canada inspectors will investigate establishments, described in paragraph3, on a complaint basis only, and will follow standard enforcement policy when it is determined that not legal for trade scales are being used, or approved and inspected scales are found to be in non-compliance with existing regulations.