Moratorium on the application of sealing provision requirements in the type approval of gas analysis devices

It has been the past and current practice of Measurement Canada (MC) not to apply the sealing provision requirements for the type approval of all gas analysis type devices (e.g. densitometers, relative density meters, calorimeters, and gas chromatographs) due to the frequent need to calibrate and maintain these devices and the manner of their use by contractors.

However, the recent mandatory implementation and application of MC specifications S-EG-05—Specifications for the Approval of Software Controlled Electricity and Gas Metering Devices and S-EG-06—Specifications Relating to Event Loggers for Electricity and Gas Metering Devices to all software controlled gas metering devices has required the Agency to review the application of its policy regarding type approval requirements for sealing provisions for all gas analysis type devices as a whole.

Therefore, until further notice, MC is placing a moratorium on the application of S-EG-05, S-EG-06, and the sealing provision requirements of the specifications listed below, to the type approval of all gas analysis devices:

  1. S-G-03—Specifications for the approval of type of gas meters, ancillary devices and associated measuring instruments
  2. S-EG-02—Specifications for approval of physical sealing provisions for electricity and gas meters

This moratorium will remain in effect until the Agency's review is completed and a revised policy has been established and documented as required.

For additional information concerning this information bulletin, please contact:

Steve Clyens
Senior Program Officer, Gas Measurement
Program Development Directorate
Measurement Canada