Policy on Granting Temporary Permission to use Electricity Meters without Reverification - Mass Deployment of New Advanced Metering Technologies by Electricity Contractors

As a result of the recent implementation of an electricity energy management initiative by the Province of Ontario (Smart Meter Program), many electricity contractors must undertake a mass deployment of new advanced metering technologies to meet the policy requirements of this initiative. The extraordinary number of meters to be replaced under the implementation schedule has significantly challenged the capability of the contractors to replace all these meters while maintaining compliance with the legal requirements of Measurement Canada (MC).

In recognition of the Provincial energy management initiatives, MC is working to assist the electricity contractors in their efforts to implement advanced metering within a short time frame while mitigating costs and potential impact on measurement accuracy. MC has implemented a policy under these circumstances to grant a conditional temporary permission to use many of the electricity meters currently in service without reverification which will allow these meters to continue to remain in service during the implementation period. Under this policy, the electricity contractor must:

  1. ensure that the integrity and accuracy of electricity meters are maintained;
  2. provide objective evidence to support a decision to keep electricity meters in service without reverifying the subject meter types, models and/or groups of meters; and
  3. provide a plan that will include conditions to mitigate the risk of inaccurate meters remaining in service.

Although this policy has been developed in consideration of the current regulatory situation for metering in Ontario, similar principles would be considered for application where such initiatives are implemented in other Provinces.

Electricity contractors interested in applying for temporary dispensation to assist the implementation of Provincial electricity energy management initiatives may contact MC to obtain further information on the specific requirements and conditions of this policy.

The purpose of the revision to this information bulletin is to clarify that the above policy does not apply to electricity meters currently overdue for verification.