Online Reporting Application Training Registration Policy

Effective date:

Measurement Canada's Online Reporting Application (ORA) Training Policy is intended to ensure a fair registration process.

  • It is mandatory to view the training video and attend a training session in order to use ORA.
  • The authorized service provider's (ASP) designated contact must order online the total number of training videos required by their organization at least two weeks before their first preferred training session date. A confirmation of the order will be sent to the contact automatically.
  • Upon receipt of the training video order request, Measurement Canada will mail the videos to the contact. It is the contact's responsibility to distribute the video to each employee who will be attending an ORA training session.
  • Only technicians who have been assigned a technician number by Measurement Canada are eligible for ORA training.
  • Each ORA training session is limited to 12 participants due to instructor requirements. As a result, registration for sessions is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Participants must be registered for a training session online at least 5 business days before their preferred session start date. Late registrations will not be accepted; an alternate session date will be used instead. A confirmation of registration will be sent to registrants automatically.
  • Participants can register for a training session as a group or individually. All participants in a session must have the same language preference.
  • ASPs can submit multiple registration forms; however, each participant can only be included in one form.
  • Employees who currently work for more than one ASP should only register for one training session under one ASP.
  • Upon receipt of the training registration form, Measurement Canada will send a confirmation to each registered participant five business days before the training session date.
  • If the preferred and alternate training sessions are full, Measurement Canada will contact with the registrant to select another date.
  • If some or all employees cannot attend any of the scheduled training sessions, ASPs must send an email to the ORA Training mailbox as soon as possible.