Accessible Technology Program: Makers Making Change

The Government of Canada's Accessible Technology Program is investing in initiatives like Makers Making Change, a platform that empowers Canadians with disabilities to fully participate in everyday life and the digital economy through assistive technologies.

Transcription – Accessible Technology Program: Makers Making Change

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Zibusiso Mafaiti: It's the scope and the scale. It keeps widening. We keep seeing so many new ways of solving problems and coming up with assistive tech.

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Accessible Technology Program
Makers Making Change
A Neil Squire Program]

Zibusiso Mafaiti: What Makers Making Changes is doing is allowing for those people who may not generally have the means for them to be able to get this type of assisted tech, to get it at no cost at all or very minimal cost. And it is all open source and so it is not limited to anyone. We're hosting a toy Hack-a-Thon. We're hacking toys to allow for children with disabilities to be able to interact with.

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Kerry Harmer, Maker Studio Specialist, Mount Royal University]

Kerry Harmer: What we're doing is we're customizing, we're making experiences for those children to be able to experience life the way that other children experience life.

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Greg McMeekin, Lawyer, Advocate]

Greg McMeekin: I don't think the average, able-bodied person really understands what the limitations are that people face, or that people with disabilities can contribute.

Zibusiso Mafaiti: There's a lot of people that need help and the help they need is not very complex. Easy solutions that go a long way. The empathy that we are getting from people is mind blowing. The amount of people that want to be involved.  Now with the support of the government, it can be Canada wide.

Greg McMeekin: Anytime you can work on technology and improve technology, it opens up many doors for people with disabilities and allows them to live independently, and do things that we normally would not be able to do. If we can improve access to toys and other technology, the sky is the limit. People with disabilities can not only contribute in our daily lives but make a difference as well.

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