Minister Bains celebrates Canada Learning Code Week

Minister Bains celebrates Learning Code Week and highlights how the government is helping to provide young Canadians with the opportunity to acquire the digital skills to build new things, solve problems and create a better Canada.

Transcription – Minister Bains celebrates Canada Learning Code Week

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[Text on screen: The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

Happy Canada Learning Code Week, everyone!

During this fourth annual event, thousands of educators and students across Canada will participate in workshops on coding and computer science fundamentals.

These are the critical skills to learn if you want to make a difference in today's digital world.

Because coding is the next big job.

Industries ranging from the automotive sector, agri-food to life sciences and clean technology need coders, given their increasingly digital nature.

By learning to code today, young people are helping set up Canada for future success across all industries and sectors.

This year's timely theme is Digital Citizenship: Staying Safe Online.

Learning to be safe and secure online is especially important right now, with so many Canadians relying on the Internet during this global pandemic.

The government is proud to support Canada Learning Code, the country's leading national charity championing digital literacy education.

Young Canadians are the leaders of tomorrow and will drive our economic success for years to come.

By investing in resources that teach them digital skills, the government is helping young Canadians transition successfully from classrooms to research labs, shop floors or boardrooms.

We're also very grateful to Canadian teachers, who are working hard every day to provide meaningful and engaging educational experiences during these challenging times.

Our government is helping equip Canadian youth with the digital skills they need for the jobs of the future.

For example, the CanCode program supports opportunities for Canadian students from kindergarten to Grade 12 to learn digital skills, including coding.

Already, the program has been a huge success, reaching over 1.3 million students and 61,000 teachers!

Together, we're providing young Canadians the opportunity to acquire the digital skills to build new things, solve problems and create a better Canada—and a better world—through innovation and technology.]

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