Women Entrepreneurship Strategy – WES Expert Panel: Danièle Henkel

WES Expert Panel Co-chairs Laura McGee, founder and CEO of Diversio, and Danièle Henkel, founder of Daniele Henkel Inc. talk about the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy.

Transcription – Women Entrepreneurship Strategy – WES Expert Panel: Danièle Henkel

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[Text on screen: Co-chairs of the WES Expert Panel, Laura McGee, Founder and CEO, Diversio and Danièle Henkel, Founder, Daniele Henkel Inc.]

Danièle Henkel: So, why do we need a strategy for women entrepreneurs, and what are the barriers?

I have to say that I'm astounded we're still even asking the question. I'm concerned to see that we categorically ignore the fact that women make up 50% of the population—not that they all want to become entrepreneurs, because not everyone does, but they're still a vibrant economic force. women who want to work, women who want to become entrepreneurs, and we have to consider that. I think that if a society is intelligent and wants to survive in today's global economy, it absolutely can't happen without all the people who make up the economy and the dynamic force that is women.

What advice would I give to a women entrepreneur?

I don't think we have any advice to give them—they know what they want—but I do think that women today must absolutely seize this moment, recognizing the dynamic force we are. I think that most recognize this and that it's time to act and to go for what we want, no matter what that is. So, we don't need to be told what to do. We just need to act as a unique and vibrant force. So go for it, ladies. Take risks. It's time. It's really time.

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