Meet Catherine Clark

Catherine Clark is a research officer working in the Aerodynamics Laboratory at National Research Council Canada. Ms. Clark conducts wind tunnel testing research, working on aircraft development programs and specializing in the testing of aircraft ice protection systems. She has a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and a Masters of Applied Science degree from Carleton University. Ms. Clark is a registered engineer with Professional Engineers Ontario and has her private pilot’s license. #ChooseScience

Transcription – Meet Catherine Clark

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[Text on screen:
Dr. Catherine Clark
Research officer,
National Research Council]

Dr. Catherine Clark: My name's Catherine Clark. I'm a research officer with the National Research Council of Canada. I specifically work in the aerodynamics lab doing wind tunnel testing. And I'm a registered engineer with Professional Engineers Ontario.

So my favourite subject in school, besides math, I would say was actually woodshop because it was very hands on. And then so when I was looking at universities, I realized really that I liked the applied portion of it, the hands-on portion, and that's what got me interested in engineering instead of one of the more pure applied sciences like chemistry or physics.

So something that I'm really proud of with my job is seeing the work I've done, that research, become tangible products. It's not some abstract concept. The work I do has direct applications that I'll see products coming to market a year or two later that I've helped work on.

Some advice that I would give to someone who's interested in going into engineering, going into research is in university, use the co-op programs that are available. That work experience is more valuable than getting straight As with no extracurricular experience. Choose a career where it's something you love. If you like math, engineering is a great choice. If you like sciences, go into the sciences. Make sure that whatever you're doing, it's something that you wake up and want to go to work and do that every day.

So now that you know my story, I encourage you to start your story. Choose science.

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