Reliable telecom services

Canadians rely on telecommunications services in their daily life. The Government of Canada is working with telecommunications companies and partners to improve the resiliency of Canada's telecom networks. Learn more about the services and projects under way to make Canadian telecom services more reliable.


Telecommunications Reliability Agenda

Reliable telecommunications networks have never been more crucial. They support not only a wide range of economic and social activities but also other critical infrastructure sectors and government services, and they are crucial for emergency services and public safety. They are fundamental to the safety, prosperity and well-being of Canadians.

That is why the government is advancing a new Telecommunications Reliability Agenda. This set of actions will improve the reliability of telecommunications and better protect Canadians. This agenda has three pillars at its core:

  • Robust networks and systems
  • Strengthening accountability
  • Coordinated planning and preparedness

Read the agenda text: Telecommunications Reliability Agenda.

The agenda in action

Initiatives and legislation

Canadian Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (CSTAC)

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

Canadian Forum for Digital Infrastructure Resilience (CFDIR)

Services and information