Canadian Conformity Assessment Bodies—Guide on the designation requirements for Mexico

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1. Introduction

The Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between the Government of Canada (Canada) and the Government of the United Mexican States (Mexico) for Conformity Assessment of Telecommunications Equipment was signed on November 13, 2011 and entered into force on June 1, 2012.

The MRA between Canada and Mexico covers the recognition requirements of testing laboratories and the acceptance of test reports generated by recognized laboratories.

The MRA provides for the Mexican regulatory authority to accept test results from third-party Canadian laboratories for the conformity assessment of telecommunications equipment.

2. Regulatory authority in Mexico

The Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT) is the regulatory authority responsible for telecommunications and broadcasting services.

2.1 Standards available for IFT recognition

The standards for which Mexico will accept test reports from recognized Canadian testing laboratories are listed in Aenxo I of the Acuerdo por el que se dan a conocer las modificaciones al Acuerdo de reconocimiento mutuo entre el Gobierno de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos y el Gobierno de Canadá para la evaluación de la conformidad de equipos de telecomunicaciones (PDF: 179.48 KB) (in Spanish only).

Note: Translation of relevant standards and other supporting documents is the responsibility of each Conformity Assessment Body (CAB).

3. General requirements for Canadian CABs

4. Application requirements and processes for Canadian testing laboratories

The online designation application form as well as the list of required documentation can be found for:

Once Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) receives an application and confirms its completeness, ISED will forward a designation request to the IFT, who, under the terms of the MRA, has up to 60 days to respond.

Upon recognition by the foreign regulatory authority, ISED will assign a unique CAB ID and issue a recognition letter to the CAB. The recognition letter will state the standards or specifications for which recognition has been granted, and the CAB will be added to ISED’s list of recognized Conformity Assessment Bodies.

For renewals, recognized CABs shall update their recognition expiration date by submitting their renewed or extended ISO/IEC 17025 Scope(s) of Accreditation and Accreditation Certificate(s) through DES-LAB Application for Designation or Recognition of a Canadian Testing Laboratory.

5. For more information

For more information about the Canada-Mexico MRA, please contact MRA Admin.