Energy and utilities

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Energy efficiency

Innovations in the housing, construction and transportation industries now allow for increased energy efficiency. As a consumer, you can take advantage of benefits such as lower energy costs, reduced greenhouse emissions and improved operating performance.

For information on energy-efficient homes, transportation and products, visit Natural Resources Canada's web page on Energy Efficiency.

Energy efficiency regulations by province

Most provinces have energy efficiency regulations for many of the federally regulated energy-using products. You will find a list of energy efficiency regulations by province on the Natural Resources Canada website.

Budgeting for energy expenses and utilities

For tips on how to track and pay your utility expenses, use the Financial Agency of Canada's Budget Calculator.

Making a complaint about your utility bill

To make a complaint about your utility bill, contact your utility company using the contact information on your bill. If you cannot resolve the dispute with the company, contact your provincial/territorial utility commission or board. These bodies regulate utility corporations. Residents of Nunavut may contact the Utility Rates Review Council of Nunavut (URRC) to review current utility rates.

Trusted consumer information

Published by the Consumer Measures Committee, a working group of federal, provincial and territorial governments, that helps educate and inform Canadian consumers.