Travel agencies

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Choosing a travel agency or agent

Here are some questions to ask before choosing a travel agent:

  • Is the travel agent licensed in your province or territory?
  • Has the agent completed a training program?
  • Has he or she travelled widely?
  • How many years has the agent or agency been in business?
  • Does the agent or agency belong to a travel agents' association or related organization?

Licensed travel agents

In some Canadian jurisdictions, travel agents must be licensed or registered. Check with your provincial or territorial consumer affairs office.

Members of travel associations

Many travel agents or agencies belong to professional travel associations. Members may be required to meet certain requirements for training, staffing and financing.

Here are the names of a few of these associations:

Choosing a travel agent or agency affiliated with these groups does not guarantee that you won't have problems, but it can offer you an additional measure of security.