October 2020

Consumer Edge

Office of Consumer Affairs

October 2020

Download the COVID-19 Alert App

Together, let's limit the spread of COVID-19 and prevent future outbreaks. COVID Alert helps us break the cycle of infection. The app can let you know if you've been exposed to the virus before any symptoms appear.

COVID Alert is built with strong privacy protection. Learn more about how COVID Alert protects your privacy.

Cyber Security Awareness Month 2020

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month! Each week, the Government of Canada will be highlighting a different aspect of cyber security, so you can keep your devices safe and secure.

Follow along and share what you learned on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn using the hashtags #GetCyberSafe #CyberSecurity and #Cyber.

Week 1: Taking stock

Take stock of all of the devices in your life and safely dispose of e-waste.

Week 2: Phone week

Key tips to keep your phone — and the information on it — safe and sound:

Week 3: Computer Week

Keep your computer and personal information cyber safe:

Week 4: Network Week

Learn how to:

Week 5: Smart Device Week

Take care of your TVs, doorbells and other smart devices by:

Internet of Things (IOT) Checklist for Consumers

Make sure the IOT devices in your home environment meet your privacy and security expectations, as well as any expectations you may have about how long your device is expected to last or if it will work offline. This checklist can help you take stock of the IOT devices you may already own or want to purchase.

Report identity theft

If you are a victim of Identity theft, report it right away. Where you report will depend on where you live and the type of scam that was used. The Reporting a scam page can help you determine who to contact to report the incident.