Special edition on fraud and COVID-19

Consumer Edge

Office of Consumer Affairs

April 3, 2020

Protect yourself and others from new and emerging threats in the marketplace. This special edition of Consumer Edge is here to provide you with trusted sources of information on COVID-19 and to help you be vigilant about recognizing and protecting yourself from fraud related to COVID-19.

Stay informed and reduce the spread of COVID-19

Be vigilant, self-isolate if you have travelled or are experiencing symptoms. Practice social distancing when you are in public places. Limit your trips to grocery stores – many stores are now offering curbside pickup.

Wash your hands often following the guidelines from the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Do you think you might have COVID-19? Use the self-assessment tool to find out what to do.

For information about COVID-19 please visit the Government of Canada's COVID-19 Outbreak Update page for the most up-to-date information.

Beware of fraud-related to COVID-19

Are you receiving unsolicited emails or texts about COVID-19? Make sure they're not fraudulent by informing yourself about recent scams. Visit the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security to stay informed and protected.

Be skeptical of urgent or threatening language and do not share your personal or banking information.

Recognizing and reporting fraud

If you suspect fraud, such as an email or text scam, always report it. To report fraud during COVID-19, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre is requesting that you contact local police at this time.