November 2021

Consumer Edge

Office of Consumer Affairs

November 2021

November is Financial Literacy Month (FLM) and this issue of Consumer Edge includes information from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada on the materials created in support of this year's theme, as well as links to the updated National Financial Literacy Strategy. The issue also includes information about Measurement Canada's water meter survey and electric vehicle charging consultation.

Make change that counts: National Financial Literacy Strategy 2021-2026

In an effort to strengthen the financial literacy of Canadians, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) recently released an updated National Financial Literacy Strategy, a five-year plan to help Canadians build financial resilience.

The first National Strategy (2015-2020) was a call to action for individual Canadians to invest in their financial literacy. Now, the FCAC is shifting the emphasis towards making the financial literacy ecosystem more accessible, inclusive and effective for all Canadians. Make change that counts focuses on how financial literacy stakeholders can reduce barriers, drive actions and behaviours and work together to collectively help Canadians build financial resilience in an increasingly digital world.

To learn more, visit literacy and check out FCAC's National Strategy video.

Financial Literacy Month 2021

The 2021 campaign theme Make change that counts! aligns with the theme of the National Financial Literacy Strategy and its call to action to make changes to the financial ecosystem. Check out these articles developed by the FCAC to help individuals and organizations promote financial literacy in communities across Canada. Don't forget to use the hashtag #FLM2021 to follow and share information on social media.

Measurement Canada's water meter survey

Did you know that Canada possesses one of the largest renewable supplies of freshwater in the world? However, it only has 7% of the world's renewable water flow.

This is why the Government of Canada has introduced initiatives and programs to reduce water use and help Canadians lessen their impact on climate change. Some of these programs provide funding to municipalities to update their infrastructure, including replacing water meters or installing new ones within their systems to help control water loss and promote sustainable water use.

To help the Government of Canada achieve its climate change goals and sustain our water supply for future generations, Measurement Canada is looking into possible areas where it could help manufacturers, utilities and end users support and promote water conservation through increased accurate measurement of water.

Visit the consultation web page and share your experiences with water measurement approaches and water meter billing practices currently in use in the Canadian marketplace.

Measurement Canada's consultation on electric vehicle chargers

A readily accessible and sustainable zero-emission infrastructure is necessary for continued increased consumer and business adoption of ZEVs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and the achievement of the Government's clean technology and green economy objectives. While electric vehicles (EV), a type of ZEV, have charging stations available in more and more locations, the measurement and pricing of the energy being sold is not always clear to EV owners.

In order to help make informed decisions as it develops requirements for EV charging stations in the Canadian marketplace, Measurement Canada wants to hear from Canadians who own or are likely to own EVs in the near future.

Want to participate? Please complete the survey.