April 2022

Consumer Edge

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April 2022

In this edition of Consumer Edge, learn the basics of intellectual property, explore simple ways you can invest in our planet, get answers about the 2022 tax-filing season and see what the Government of Canada is doing to protect you from spam. 

World Intellectual Property Day: April 26

Have you ever wondered about the steps companies take to get your favourite products into your hands? Ensuring the intellectual property (IP) for their brand, innovation or creation is registered is an important step in getting a product to market. Learn about the basics of IP with the help of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, then test your new knowledge with the World Intellectual Property Organization's (WIPO) interactive quiz!

Visit the WIPO website for details on World Intellectual Property Day 2022, including this year's theme and planned activities.

Invest In Our Planet This Earth Day

This year's Earth Day campaign focuses on practical, creative, and fun ways you can take action for the environment. Check out the #EarthDayAtHome page for small ways you can invest in our planet on a daily basis.

For additional information on how your day-to-day purchasing decisions have an impact on the environment, check out some Office of Consumer Affairs tips on how you can be a green consumer.

Get Answers To Your Tax-Filing Questions

The tax-filing deadline is fast approaching! Make sure that your income tax return, benefit or payment is filed on or before May 2, 2022 to avoid any unwanted payment interruptions or penalties.

The Canada Revenue Agency has prepared a guide to help you understand what you need to know for the 2022 tax-filing season. Check it out for information on filing options, COVID-19 benefits and what's new on this year's income tax and benefit return.

Fight spam – Read the Performance measurement report 2020-2021

Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) aims to protect Canadians from the misuse of digital technology including spam and other electronic threats. CASL also aims to protect Canadians from practices that could put them at risk of fraud, identity theft and financial loss.

Find out what the Government of Canada is doing when it comes to protecting Canadians from spam by reading the CASL performance measurement report. It provides an overview of relevant performance data and government partners' roles and activities in promoting, monitoring and enforcing CASL in 2020–2021.

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