March 2022

Consumer Edge

Office of Consumer Affairs

March 2022

In this edition of Consumer Edge, join the global conversation on consumer rights, learn how to recognize impersonation scams and see how you can buy safely from international online merchants.

It's Fraud Prevention Month – Can you recognize a scam?

Fraud Prevention Month is here and it serves as a reminder to Canadian consumers that they need be vigilant. This year's theme is impersonation scams. The majority of scams and fraud involve an aspect of impersonation, with suspects posing as trusted sources in order to steal victims' money or personal information. Test your knowledge of fraud with this insightful quiz on the various types of scams out there. Share the resources included in the quiz with colleagues, friends and family so they can learn about common schemes and avoid falling prey to the tactics of scammers!

Safety tip: Be on high alert this upcoming tax season as scam attempts that claim to be from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) could land in your inbox. These scams may insist that personal information is needed in order for the taxpayer to receive a refund or a benefit payment.

Participate in the conversation this Fraud Prevention Month by following or using the hashtag #FPM2022 on social media and be sure to follow @CompBureau on Twitter for further information.

International Online Shopping Tips

It is important to stay cautious when purchasing from international online retailers. Consumer protection laws and standards vary from country to country, which can make it difficult to resolve issues if something goes wrong.

The Office of Consumer Affairs has shared a few tips on things that you may want to consider before making an international purchase. Find out how you can better protect yourself when making international online purchases.

World Consumer Rights Day (March 15)

Recognized globally, World Consumer Rights Day is a day to recognize and bring awareness to consumer rights. The theme of this year's global consumer movement is Fair Digital Finances. Digital technologies are reshaping the way Canadians are making and receiving payments as they transition from traditional financial services to digital services using devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones.

Learn more about this year's World Consumer Rights Day campaign on the Consumers International website. Navigating the world of digital financial services can be complex and this awareness day offers consumers a great opportunity to get informed. Follow the campaign's hashtags to participate in the conversation: #FairDigitalFinance and #BetterDigitalWorld.