October 2022

Office of Consumer Affairs

October 2022

This issue of Consumer Edge highlights Cyber Security Awareness Month, a checklist for consumers who own smart devices and updated research on internet service providers' advertising in Canada.

Cyber Security Awareness Month – fight phishing and don't get reeled in!

Did you know that one-third of Canadians have experienced a phishing attack? This month, join the important conversation around preventing phishing scams to mark Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Each week, you'll learn how to take steps to prevent, recognize and recover from phishing scams.

Participate in the conversation on social media using the #GetCyberSafe, #CyberMonth2022, #Cyber and #CyberSecurity hashtags.

Internet of Things (IOT) Checklist for Consumers

If you own smart devices that use the Internet, this checklist is for you. The smart devices you own are part of a network called Internet of Things (IOT) and this network collects and communicates information about you to other devices that are part of the network. This checklist can help you take stock of the IOT devices you may already own or want to purchase. It can be used as a guide to make sure the IOT devices in your home environment meet your privacy and security expectations, as well as any expectations you may have about how long your device is expected to last or if it will work offline.

Research project update: Advertising regulations for internet service providers in Canada

Is your high-speed internet performing as advertised? In a follow-up report to their 2012 research, "Transparency in Broadband Advertising to Canadian Consumers", the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) has published a research project update titled "Selling Speed: Reforming Broadband Advertising Regulations in Canada" (the full report is available in English only, however, the summary is available in both English and French).

The organization received funding from the Office of Consumer Affairs' Contributions Program for Non-Profit Consumer and Voluntary Organizations to complete both projects, which compare internet service providers' broadband advertising practices in Canada and other countries.

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