Grocery affordability

Empowering you with tools, data and resources

Empowering you with tools, data and resources

Empowering you with tools, data and resources

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Providing tools and data to consumers

The Government of Canada is creating greater transparency around pricing to foster more competition in the marketplace and help consumers find better deals.

Statistics Canada Food Price Data Hub

Access helpful tools and resources related to food prices in Canada.

This includes information on the Consumer Price Index, monthly retail price averages for selected food items and food supply chain prices.

Go to the Statistics Canada Food Price Data Hub

Consumer Price Index for food purchased from stores

Source: Statistics Canada

Enhancing grocery competition in Canada

Canada is addressing rising grocery prices by promoting increased competition in the sector. Learn about the government's initiatives to enhance grocery market competition.

Shrinkflation and Skimpflation

Shrinkflation and skimpflation involve reducing product size or quality without changing the price, causing Canadians to pay the same for less product or lower-quality items.

Learn about our projects investigating such retail practices that harm consumers.

Find out more about shrinkflation, skimpflation and other research

How to make a complaint: A roadmap for consumers

Navigate your consumer concerns with confidence using the Complaint Roadmap from the Office of Consumer Affairs. Access the roadmap now to understand your rights and find the guidance you need to get started.

Access the complaint roadmap

Accurate pricing at checkout

Shop confidently: The Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code, which is managed by the Retail Council of Canada and backed by the Competition Bureau, ensures price accuracy at checkout. If the scanned price is higher than the displayed price for an untagged item, get it free if it’s under $10 or at a $10 discount if it’s over $10.

Learn more about the scanner price accuracy voluntary code

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