2021–23 project summaries: Contributions Program for Non-profit Consumer and Voluntary Organizations

2021–23 Funded research project contributions
Organization / Project title Project Details Awarded Amount
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)
Assessing the impact of COVID on consumers of high interest loans Details $38,115
Enhancing access to low-cost/short-term credit among low- and moderate- income consumers Details $99,701
Automobile Consumer Coalition
Online automobile shopping and consumer protection: A safe option for consumers Details $177,950
Canadian Association of the Deaf (CAD)
Digital transformation development Details $127,915
Consumers Council of Canada
The consumer interest and administrative authorities Details $193,190
Consumers' Association of Canada (Manitoba) Inc
David and Goliath: Consumer protection and digital services marketplace dominance Details $200,000
Credit Counselling Canada (CCC)
Canadian consumer experience and concerns with digital debt payments in the COVID-19 era Details $199,110
Mechanisms toward change for a transition of zero waste product options in the Canadian food sector Details $200,000
Overcoming consumer obstacles to repair electronics and appliances to extend their lifespan, reduce waste and, their environmental footprint Details $200,000
Food Secure Canada
Sustainable consumption for all in the context of COVID-19 Details $49,687
Momentum Community Economic Development Society
High hopes, high costs: Protecting student consumers at private career colleges Details $89,150
Option Consommateurs
Criticism toward businesses through social media and digital platforms: An alternative pathway to justice for consumers Details $200,000
Planning for the unexpected: Consumer compensation measures for catastrophic events Details $199,580
"Buy now, pay later": a review of risks and remedies Details $100,197
Public Interest Advocacy Centre
Consumer liability waivers - An accident waiting to happen Details $115,000
Selling speed: Reforming broadband advertising regulations in Canada Details $50,000
The Pollution Probe Foundation
Assessment of the consumer EV charging experience in Canada Details $76,553
Union des consommateurs
The potential death of wireline telephony: What this could mean for Canadian consumers Details $176,700
Warehouse to home: The evolution of the online marketplace Details $199,875