CCAA Records
Edgeworth Properties Inc.

File Information

Court File Number:
Court and Judicial District:
Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Commercial List), Toronto
OSB File Number:
Initial Order:
Monitor's web page for the proceedingsFootnote 1:

Debtor Company Information

Company Name:
Edgeworth Properties Inc.
Other names under which the company carries on business:
Edgeworth Ventures Inc.
Edgeworth Sales Corporation.
Sonex Construction Group Ltd.
Sonex Holdings Ltd.
Edgeworth Real Estate Management Corporation.
Edgeworth Properties (Bermuda) Ltd.
Edgeworth Properties – Derrick View Estates Inc.
1253122 Alberta Ltd.
Edgeworth Properties – Heartland Ridge Inc.
Edgeworth Properties – Southpoint Landing Inc.
Edgeworth Place at Spruce Ridge Drive Inc.
Edgeworth Properties – Riverbend Heights Inc.
Edgeworth Properties – Creekside Estates Inc.
1349571 Alberta Ltd.
1349588 Alberta Ltd.
Edgeworth Place at Heartland Inc.
Edgeworth Properties – Deer Meadow Estates II Inc.
Edgeworth Properties – Jasper Ridge Estates Inc.
Edgeworth Properties – Estates at Thompson Lake Inc.
Edgeworth Properties – Deer Meadow Estates Inc.
Edgeworth Properties – Estates at Thompson Lake (Phase 2) Inc.
Edgeworth Properties – Wolf Creek Estates Inc.
Edgeworth Estates at Manning Drive Phase I Inc.
Edgeworth Properties – Ellerslie Ridge Inc.
1481660 Alberta Ltd.
Edgeworth Place at Biggs Avenue Inc.
1519560 Alberta Ltd.
Edgeworth Engineering Ltd.
Edgeworth Properties Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Edgeworth Properties Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Edgeworth Properties Malaysia Berhad
Edgeworth Properties Co. Ltd.
1327534 Alberta Ltd.
1327584 Alberta Ltd.
1327568 Alberta Ltd.
Derrick View Estates Phase II Inc.
Halfmoon Lake Estates Inc.
1330433 Alberta Ltd.
Head Office:
5500 North Service Road,
Suite 106,
Ontario; L7L 6W6
WebsiteFootnote 1:

Monitor Information

Court-Appointed Monitor:
Grant Thornton Ltd.
Monitor's Representative:
Michael Creber
Royal Bank Plaza South Tower
200 Bay St, 19th Floor
P.O. Box 55
Ontario. M5J 2P9
Date of the Court Order Discharging Monitor:
December 19, 2017


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