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League Assets Corp.

File Information

Court File Number:
Court and Judicial District:
Supreme Court of British Columbia
OSB File Number:
Date of the Initial Order
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Debtor Company Information

Company Name:
0781591 B.C. Ltd.
0811883 B.C. Ltd.
0812307 B.C. Ltd.
0827524 B.C. Ltd.
0873201 B.C. Ltd.
0891146 B.C. Ltd.
0895249 B.C. Ltd.
0895251 B.C. Ltd.
0908150 B.C. Ltd.
2128273 Ontario Inc.
2146431 Ontario Inc.
2148711 Ontario Inc.
2164613 Ontario Inc.
2164614 Ontario Inc.
2246329 Ontario Limited
2291088 Ontario Inc.
2314845 Ontario Inc.
473 Albert St. Office GP Inc.
473 Albert St. Office Limited Partnership
7667906 Canada Inc.
8252220 Canada Inc.
Arbutus Industrial Park Ltd.
Colwood Belmont Developments Ltd.
Colwood City Centre Corp.
Colwood City Centre GP Inc.
Colwood City Centre Limited Partnership
Colwood Jerome Developments Ltd.
Colwood Sooke Developments Ltd.
Colwood's Triumph GP Ltd.
Colwood's Triumph Limited Partnership
Cowichan District Financial Centre GP Inc.
Cowichan District Financial Centre Limited Partnership
Cygnet Apartments GP Inc.
Cygnet Properties GP Inc.
Duncan City Centre GP Inc.
Duncan City Centre Limited Partnership
Durham Portfolio GP Inc.
Durham Portfolio Limited Partnership
Fort St. John Retail GP Inc.
Fort St. John Retail Limited Partnership
Gatineau Centre Development GP Inc.
Gatineau Centre Development Limited Partnership
Gatineau Centre Real Estate Development Corporation
IGW Cash Management Fund Ltd.
IGW Diversified Redevelopment Fund GP Inc.
IGW Diversified Redevelopment Fund Limited Partnership
IGW Energy Capital GP Inc.
IGW Energy Capital Limited Partnership
IGW Industrial GP Inc.
IGW Industrial Limited Partnership
IGW Mortgage Investment Corporation
IGW Properties GP I Inc.
IGW Properties Limited Partnership I
IGW Public GP Inc.
IGW Public Limited Partnership
IGW REIT Limited Partnership
IGW Residential Capital GP Inc.
IGW Residential Capital Limited Partnership
Jesken Development GP Inc.
Jesken Development Limited Partnership
Jesken Investment GP Inc.
Jesken Investment Limited Partnership
LAPP Global Asset Management Corp.
League Acquisition Corp.
League Assets Corp.
League Assets GP Inc.
League Assets International Inc.
League Assets Limited Partnership
League Capital Markets Ltd.
League Capital Partners Ltd.
League Debt Corp.
League Financial Partners Inc.
League Founding Limited Partner Ltd.
League Holdings Corp.
League IGW Real Estate Investment Trust
League Investment Fund Ltd.
League Investment Services Inc.
League Opportunity Fund Ltd.
League Realty Advisory Ltd.
League Realty Services Ltd.
League REIT Investco Inc.
Londondale Shopping Centre GP Inc.
Londondale Shopping Centre Limited Partnership
Market Square Properties GP Inc.
Market Square Properties Limited Partnership
Member-Partners Consolidated Properties GP Inc.
Member-Partners Consolidated Properties Limited Partnership
North Vernon Properties Inc.
North Vernon Properties Limited Partnership
Partners Equity Finance Inc.
Redux Duncan City Centre Limited Partnership
Residences At Quadra Village GP Inc.
Residences At Quadra Village Limited Partnership
Stoney Range Industrial GP Inc.
Stoney Range Industrial Limited Partnership
Sundel Square Ltd.
Tsawassen Retail Power Centre GP Inc.
Tsawassen Retail Power Centre Limited Partnership
Tyee Plaza GP Inc.
Tyee Plaza Limited Partnership
Village Green Holdings #2 Ltd.
Village Green Holdings #3 Ltd.
Village Green Holdings Limited Partnership
Zeus Energy Ltd.
Other names under which the company
carries on business:
League Financial Partner
Head Office:
200-710 Redbrick Street
Victoria, BC
V8T 5J3
Montréal, QC
H3A 1T8
WebsiteFootnote 1:

Monitor Information

Court-Appointed Monitor:
PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc.
Monitor's Representative:
Michael J. Vermette
700-250 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC
V6C 3S7
Date of the Court Order Discharging Monitor:


Footnote 1

This web page may not remain accessible once the case is closed. For further information, contact the monitor or the debtor company directly.

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