Debtor Compliance Referral Program

The Debtor Compliance Referral Program seeks to encourage collaboration of Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LIT) in addressing debtor non-compliance.

Objectives of the program

To protect the integrity of the insolvency system by:

  • establishing an effective process to address significant debtor misconduct or abuse of the system
  • supporting the need for collaboration between LITs and the OSB regarding the identification of significant debtor misconduct and the application of corrective measures

How to refer a file

LITs can refer files to the OSB and request an investigation under the Debtor Compliance Referral Program by completing the Estate Information Summary form and uploading it to the E-Filing system.

Review by the OSB

The OSB will review the file referred and determine if an investigation is required.

Results of an investigation may lead to:

  • court intervention by the OSB
  • sending the file back to the LIT for action
  • Criminal Investigation Order
  • closing the referral