Directive No. 34R, The Licensing Forms Under Sections 13(1) and 13.1 of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act

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Directive No. 34R

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Issued: February 9, 2016


1. In this Directive,

"BIA" means the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

Authority and Purpose

2. This Directive is issued for the purpose of prescribing the forms under subsection 13(1) and section 13.1 of the BIA pursuant to the Superintendent's authority to issue directives as may be necessary and prescribe the form of any document that is to be prescribed per paragraphs 5(4)(c) and 5(4)(e) of the BIA.

3. Persons wishing to obtain a licence to act as a trustee shall file with the Superintendent an application for licence using Form 2 (Individual) or Form 3 (Corporation) per subsection 13(1) and Directive No. 13, Trustee Licensing.

4. Form 4 is the prescribed form of licence that specifies the bankruptcy district in which the trustee is entitled to act. This form may include such conditions and limitations as the Superintendent considers appropriate and may specify per section 13.1 of the BIA.

Coming into Force

5. This Directive comes into force on the date it is signed.


Form 2—Application for Trustee Licence (Individual)
Form 3—Application for Trustee Licence (Corporation)
Form 4—Trustee Licence

William R. James
Superintendent of Bankruptcy