General Transitional Directive (1993)

You will find below a copy of the General Transitional Directive.

This Directive clarifies the status of Directives issued before , when amendments to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) came into force. Schedule I lists Directives which are hereby being reissued pursuant to the authority of paragraph 5(4)(c) of the BIA. Schedule II lists the Directives which are hereby revoked or have already been replaced by Insolvency Circulars.

The Directives in Schedule I will be reissued in due course to reflect changes to the BIA and in policies. Schedule I also includes Directives which will be reissued as Insolvency Circulars. As the Insolvency Circulars are issued, the corresponding Directives will be revoked.

Trustees are reminded that they are required to comply with the Superintendent's Directives pursuant to subsection 5(5) of the BIA.

George F. Redling
Superintendent of Bankruptcy

General Transitional Directive



  1. In this Directive,

    "Act" Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act


  1. The Superintendent, pursuant to the authority of paragraph 5(4)(c) of the Act, hereby reissues the directives issued prior to the coming into force of the Act to amend the Bankruptcy Act and to amend the Income Tax Act in consequence thereof, S.C. 1992, c.27, which are listed in Schedule I.
  2. References to "trustee" contained in the directives listed in Schedule I shall be deemed to include a trustee licensed under subsection 13(1) of the Act, and an administrator of consumer proposals as defined in section 66.11 of the Act.
  3. The Directives set out in Schedule II are hereby revoked.
    The Superintendent of Bankruptcy

George F. Redling

Schedule I
(Section 2)

Directives listed in Schedule I (Section 2)
Title Date of Issue/ Reissue
1R Estate Funds and Banking  /
3R Use of Related Persons to Perform Services for Bankruptcy Estates and Costs Chargeable to the Estate  /
4 Trustee Consultation Fees in Non-Business Bankruptcies  /
5R Third Party Deposits and Guarantees  /
6 Criminal Investigations  /
7 Retention of Documents by the Trustee  /
8 Unclaimed Dividends and Undistributed Funds  /
10 Reporting of Receipts Resulting from the Realization of Assets in Summary Administration  /
11 Bankruptcy Assistance Program  /
12R Administrative Agreements with Trustees and Receivers
13 Estate Bonding  /
14R Proofs of Claim, Proxies and Quorums at the First Meeting of Creditors  /
15R Costs and Disclosure Associated with the Realization by the Trustee and Secured Creditors' Assets  /
16R Preparation of the Statement of Affairs  /
18 Informing Creditors of the Result of the Bankrupt's Application for Discharge  /
19R Publication in Local Newspaper
20 Information to be provided to creditors in commercial proposals  /
22 Realization of Estate Assets  /
23 Notice to Bankrupts and Officers of a Bankrupt Corporation with Regard to their Duties and Status  /
24 Withdrawal of Advances on Trustee Remuneration in Ordinary Bankruptcy Administrations  /
25 Fax Utilization  /
26R Delegation of Authority
28R Inactive Trustees
29 Non-resident Offices  /
30R Advertising by Trustees
31 Taking Inventory of the Bankrupt's Property  /
32 Trustee's Report to the Creditors on Preliminary Administration  /

Schedule II
(Section 4)

Directives listed in Schedule II (Section 4)
Title Date of Issue/
2R Definition of Summary and Ordinary Administrations /
9R2 Income Tax Returns (Replaced by Insolvency Circular #1, ). /
17R2 Surplus Income (Replaced by Insolvency Circular #2, ) /
21 Documents to be Filed by the Trustee with the Superintendent of Bankruptcy  /
27 Trustee General Bond  /

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