Form 10—Application of Trustee for Discharge

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Form 10

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(Rule 61 and subsection 66(1) of the Act)

(Title Form 1)

I, Space to insert name of trustee, trustee of the estate or acting in the proposal  of Space to insert bankrupt/debtor's name, a bankrupt/debtor, hereby apply to the court for an order of discharge with respect to the above-mentioned estate or proposal and, consequently, for a release of the security that I have provided pursuant to subsection 16(1) of the Act.

I certify that I have observed the applicable terms set out in the Bankruptcy and Insolvency General Rules.

Dated at Space to insert city, this Space to insert day of month day of Space to insert month Space to insert year.

Space to insert signature of trustee
Licensed Insolvency Trustee


If a copy of this Notice is sent electronically by means such as email, the name and contact information of the sender, prescribed in Form 1.1, must be added at the end of the document