Form 16—Certificate of Compliance and Deemed Discharge of Trustee or Administrator

For persons to which the 2009 amendments apply

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Form 16

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(Rules 65(1)(c)(iii) and 101(1)(d))

(Title Form 1)

I, space to insert name of trustee trustee of the estate of space to insert name of estate, a bankrupt, undersummary administration (or administrator of the consumer proposal made by space to insert name of debtor, a consumer debtor), hereby certify that:

  1. The statements made in connection with my application for discharge are true.
  2. The final statement of receipts and disbursements in the estate is an accurate and correct reflection of the administration of the estate.
  3. Every disbursement included in the statement of receipts and disbursements is accurate and correct.
  4. I have disposed of, in a proper manner, all of the property of the bankrupt (or the consumer debtor) that came into my hands.
  5. All claims of creditors being paid a dividend were properly examined and, to the best of my knowledge, the dividend sheet contains a true and correct list of the claims of creditors, all payments shown on the dividend sheet have been duly made, and all unclaimed dividends and undistributed funds have been remitted to the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.
  6. I have not received, nor do I expect to receive, nor have I been promised, any remuneration or considerationother than as shown in the statement of receipts and disbursements.
  7. I have not been a party to, nor have I knowledge of, any undisclosed arrangement with the bankrupt (or theconsumer debtor) or with any other person as a result of which a creditor received or will receive a consideration orpayment in excess of that to which the creditor was properly entitled.
  8. A copy of the final statement of receipts and disbursements, dividend sheet and notice of taxation (or noticeof hearing for taxation) have been sent to the bankrupt (or the consumer debtor) and to every creditor who has proveda claim.
  9. I have complied with the requirements of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency General Rules.

Dated at Space to insert city , this Space to insert day of month day of Space to insert month.

Space to insert signature of trustee or administrator
Licensed Insolvency Trustee (or
administrator of consumer proposal)


If a copy of this Form is sent electronically by means such as email, the name and contact information of the sender, prescribed in Form 1.1, must be added at the end of the document.