Form 18—Notice of Application for Taxation of Accounts and Discharge of Interim Receiver

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Form 18

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(Rule 79)

(Title Form 1)

Take notice that:

1. Attached to this notice is a copy of the final statement of receipts and disbursements of Space to insert interim receiver of the property , the interim receiver of the property of Space to insert debtor , the debtor.

2. Also attached is a statement of account prepared by the interim receiver and other information concerning the fees and expenses.

3. Objection to the statement of receipts and disbursements and to the discharge of the interim receiver must be filed with the court and the undersigned within the 30 days after the day on which this notice is sent. The notice of objection must state the reasons for the objection.

4. The debtor or, in the case of a bankruptcy, the trustee or any creditor may file a notice of objection.

5. Where no objection is filed within 30 days after the sending of this notice, the interim receiver’s accounts are deemed to have been taxed and the interim receiver is deemed to be discharged , unless the court requires that the accounts be taxed on their own merit.

Dated at Space to insert city , this Space to insert day day of Space to insert month Space to insert year .

Space to insert signature of interim receiver
Interim Receiver

Note: If a copy of this Notice is sent electronically by means such as email, the name and contact information of the sender, prescribed in Form 1.1, must be added at the end of the document.