Change in Process to Obtain Court Numbers in the Province of Quebec

Please note that as of , the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) will no longer be the depositary of court numbers assigned by the Superior Court of the Province of Quebec (Commercial Division). The OSB and the Department of Justice of Quebec (DJQ) have agreed to change the process through which court numbers can be obtained for court 11.

Therefore, Licenced Insolvency Trustees (LITs) filing insolvency procedures required to be filed in court (ordinary bankruptcy filings, third summary bankruptcy filings, proposals under Section I, etc.) will now have to directly file with the Digital Court Office of QuébecFootnote 1, in the  locality of the debtor.

On , the DJQ speeded up the digitization of the justice system by posting a platform for the remote filing of procedures in the Superior Court and Court of Quebec. This platform allows all LITs to benefit from the modernization of the justice system, which features more complete digital services.

The Digital Court Office of Québec allows any person to file a procedure, together with documents, with the Superior Court and to pay the related legal fees online. It also allows reducing travelling between courthouses and it improves the processing of judicial activities. Please note that LITs may also file their procedures using traditional methods (in person or by fax).

Once the court number is obtained, the LIT must forward that court record number to the OSB to allow it to complete the file and to issue an amended certificate of nomination.

Please consult the guidelines regarding the procedure for obtaining court file numbers in Quebec.

For more information about filing procedures, please visit the Digital Court Office of Québec, or contact the DJQ Client Contact Centre.

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For any other information or if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact the OSB National Service Centre.

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