Directive No. 8R19 and the EIS

The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) has updated Directive No. 8R19, The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act Forms, and the Estate Information Summary (EIS). Amendments to both are to be implemented upon the coming into force of Directive No. 8R19 on .

The changes to Directive No. 8R19 amend the Statement of Affairs Forms 78 and 79, and include a new jurat that allows debtors to swear oaths remotely. The question regarding gender on Form 79 has been moved to the EIS.

The EIS has been amended to include questions concerning gender identity, employment equity, and diversity. Note that a privacy notice has also been added. The questions are voluntary and debtors can choose to consent to the sharing of this personal information. A field has also been added for the Business Number, where applicable. In addition, the OSB has published a guidance document regarding self-identification on the EIS form, which addresses many frequently asked questions.

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