Interim Procedure for filing Notices of Hearing with Virtual Hearing Details

Given that the XML versions of Notice of Hearing forms do not currently allow for the inclusion of complete videoconference/teleconference details, the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) has developed an interim procedure on how to provide these details. The interim procedure will be effective immediately and will allow forms to be electronically filed in the required XML format with an alert required to provide virtual hearing details to the OSB.

This procedure should be followed when submitting the following forms:

  • Form 17 (Notice of Hearing for Taxation of Trustee’s Accounts and Discharge of Trustee)
  • Form 40.1 (Notice of Hearing of Application for Court Approval of Proposal)
  • Form 51.1 (Notice of Hearing of Application for Court Review of Consumer Proposal)
  • Form 59 (Notice of Hearing for Taxation of Administrator’s Accounts and Discharge of Administrator)
  • Form 81 (Notice of Hearing for Bankrupt’s Application for Discharge)

Interim Procedure for the E-filing Submission of the Notice of Hearing Documents:

  • LITs are to fill in the XML forms with the address of the physical Court location, as they would in an in-person hearing scenario
  • LITs will then create an E-filing Alert to accompany the document, which would include the virtual hearing details (see below example)
    • IMPORTANT: The opening line of text should clearly state the purpose of the alert (e.g., “Form 81 Virtual Hearing Details”). This will ensure that the alert is brought to the immediate attention of the OSB.

For questions or concerns please contact the OSB’s E-Filing team:


Form 81 Virtual Hearing Detail

Hearing on dd/mm/yyyy will be taking place by virtual means. Please find the connection details below:

To appear by video:

To appear by telephone:
Dial in Number: 123-456-7890
Access code: 000 111 222
Dial in Number: 456-789-0123
Access code: 333 444 555