Interim Technical Instructions to LITs

April 14, 2020

This message provides interim technical instructions based on stakeholder concerns and enquiries concerning meetings of creditors to be held during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meeting of Creditors to be conducted via Telephone or Video Conference – Input Instruction for BIA Forms related to Directive 8R17

This technical input is for the following BIA Forms where creditors meetings are to take place by teleconference or video conference:

  • Form 50, Notice of Meeting of Creditors to Consider Consumer Proposal,
  • Form 66, Notice to Bankrupt of Meeting of Creditors,
  • Form 68, Notice of Bankruptcy, First Meeting of Creditors,
  • Form 71, Notice of First Meeting of Creditors,
  • Form 73, Notice of Bankruptcy and First Meeting of Creditors in Local Newspaper, and
  • Form 92, Notice of Proposal to Creditors.

Where meetings of creditors are to be conducted via telephone or video conference, in order to ensure proper dissemination of information to stakeholders via the issuance and e-filing of the Notice to stakeholders and the OSB, LITs are to input the details of the meeting in the applicable BIA Form as well as the Estate Information Sheet (EIS) as follows:

  • Building: “Meeting to be conducted via telephone” / “Meeting to be conducted via video conference”
  • Street: phone number or URL to video conference web link
  • City: Any additional pin numbers or access codes

This will enable the OSB to issue the Certificates of Assignment/Filing to the LIT reflecting the most accurate meeting of creditors information more easily.