OSB Debt Questionnaire Tool

The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) has launched a new Debt Questionnaire tool on the OSB’s Debt Solutions Portal (DSP).

In our 2021-22 business plan, we committed to enhance OSB’s DSP with new tools and information. The Debt Questionnaire tool is meant to provide debtors with reliable information on possible debt solutions in order to help them make the best decisions when dealing with financial problems. This is particularly important now as many Canadian consumers face increasing levels of debt and may be confused about the options available to them.

The tool is comprised of two questionnaires. A pre-screening questionnaire allows for an initial assessment of the debtor’s financial situation. Based on their answers, the debtor will be pointed to one of the three existing DSP pages which provide information on budgeting and improving your finances and information on insolvency and non-insolvency options. 

Debtors in more difficult financial situations will be encouraged to speak with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT). These debtors will also be invited to fill out a second, more detailed questionnaire. The detailed questionnaire will compare a debtor’s answers to the OSB’s historical data of debtors who submitted a consumer proposal or filed for bankruptcy. The results will show what other debtors with a similar financial situation have done (filed for bankruptcy or submitted a proposal), and again, encourages the debtor to speak with an LIT, who will assess their financial and personal situation, and discuss various options, including non-insolvency solutions, that may be available to the debtor.

Please contact OSB communications if you have questions.