Public Consultation on proposed changes to BIA forms

The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) is seeking input from stakeholders on the proposed changes to :

  • Form 31, Proof of Claim;
  • Form 65, Monthly Income and Expense Statement of the Bankrupt/Debtor and the Family Unit and Information (or Amended Information) Concerning the Financial Situation of the Individual Bankrupt;
  • Form 78, Statement of Affairs (Business Bankruptcy/Proposal); and
  • Form 79, Statement of Affairs (Non-Business Bankruptcy/Proposal).

A public consultation has been posted on the OSB’s website. Input gathered from this consultation will help inform the modernization of Form 31, Form 65, Form 78, and Form 79 which will be implemented by the eventual publication of a directive.

Please provide your feedback by . Submissions are to be sent to OSB, Policy and Regulatory Affairs at