Notices to Licensed Insolvency Trustees from the Canada Revenue Agency

Electronic FAX (EFAX) initiative for Government Programs (Non-tax) updated

Business numbers and GST/HST returns for bankrupt sole proprietors outside of the Quebec region

NEW - Toll-free fax numbers for sending Insolvency documents to Tax Program (only) Collection

Updated information on the CRA Represent a Client portal

Electronic FAX (EFAX) initiative for Government Programs (Non-tax)

Represent a Client portal updated

Collections activities (COVID-19)

Updated CRA Collections Activities (COVID-19)

COVID-19 – Accomodations on payment timetables for insolvency proposals when Revenu Québec is the majority creditor: May 15

Pending Default of a Proposal under the BIA where the Canada Revenue Agency is a creditor updated

Key Insolvency Documentation Processing Areas at the CRA updated

Dividend and Disbursement payment change of address

Reminder: Electronic FAX (EFAX) initiative

Electronic FAX (EFAX) initiative

Bankruptcy Identification Form (DC905)

Insolvency Workload Transition - Canada Revenue Agency

Notice of Operational Changes Regarding Canada Student Loan Accounts

EFILE Error Clues and Mandatory Electronic Filing

GST/HST credit payment—Problem resolved–Revised

GST/HST credit payment–Problem resolved

Withdrawal of Circular No.  1–Income Tax Returns

Administrative Agreements with Insolvency Practitioners

Administrative Agreements with Receivers

Centralization of Insolvency Processing for Government Programs (Non-Tax) Accounts

Electronic filing of returns

Direction of Dividend Payments and Returns and Payments Destined for Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) Accounts

Update on GST Refunds

New coordinates for contacting CRA regarding Form DC905

New coordinates for contacting CRA regarding Form T1013 (Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative)

GST/HST Credit Payments–February 2007