Bankruptcy—Directions to the Bank of Montreal, Yonge Street, Toronto

Conservatory Measures

What is a conservatory measure?

The Superintendent of Bankruptcy puts in place conservatory measures when a bankruptcy or insolvency estate needs protection. It might be in cases of Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) malfeasance or if serious wrongdoing on the part of a LIT puts estate files at risk. Conservatory measures may also be put in place if a LIT becomes ill or dies without a valid succession agreement. Finally, conservatory measures may be put in place if a LIT, for whatever reason, has allowed the administration of his or her practice to become substandard.


In the matter of:
Frank Sheldon Kisluk
Frank S. Kisluk Limited

Directions for Conservatory Measures

(Section 14.03 of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act)

Whereas the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (the Act) provides the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (the Superintendent) with the general power to supervise the administration of all estates and matters to which the Act applies;

Whereas Frank Sheldon Kisluk is the holder of an individual licence as trustee in bankruptcy;

Whereas Frank S. Kisluk Limited is the holder of a corporate trustee licence;

Whereas an investigation made by the Superintendent pursuant to section 5(3)(e) of the Act revealed that Frank Sheldon Kisluk (the trustee) had a number of deficiencies in banking and in the general administration of his estate administrations;

Whereas a Monitoring Review was conducted in December 2004 and a Monitoring Report was issued on January 11, 2005, followed up with supplementary compliance reviews conducted on February 18, 2005 and March 24, 2005, documenting the following serious and recurring estate administration deficiencies with respect to a number of estates:

  • failure to maintain proper and complete estate administration records;
  • failure to periodically reconcile the consolidated and individual estate trust accounts;
  • failure to ensure that estate trust accounts are not overdrawn;
  • failure to comply with the provisions of Bankruptcy and Insolvency Rules prescribing the tariff;
  • failure to ensure that estate trust funds are not subjected to unreasonable charges and fees;
  • failure to ensure that estate trust funds earn interest at a competitive rate, or are appropriately invested;
  • failure to obtain estate bond in the matter of the Atwell Fleming Young Ltd. estate;
  • failure to obtain the approval of the estate inspectors for actions including the disbursement of the trustee's fees and legal expenses;
  • failure to complete the administration of estates in a timely manner;
  • failure to submit a closing plan addressing the matter of the estates under administration for more than three years; and
  • failure to administer proposals filed under Division-I, Part III of the Act, in a proper and timely manner;

Whereas I believe on reasonable grounds that the estates require protection;

Whereas the Superintendent may, for the protection of an estate, exercise the powers set out in subsection 14.03(1) of the Act, in the circumstances referred to in section 14.03(2) of the Act;

Whereas the Superintendent has delegated to me, in accordance with section 14.01(2) of the Act, the powers of the Superintendent as specified at section 14.03(1) of the Act, in the circumstance referred to in section 14.03(2)(b), a copy of which delegation is attached, along with copies of sections 14.01, 14.02 and 14.03 of the Act;

I, Darrin Ulley, in my capacity as delegate for the Superintendent, direct the Bank of Montreal, 2210 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M4S 2B8 that, pursuant to sections 14.03(1)(b) and (c) of the Act:

  1. it consider upon receipt of the present directions, Sergio Ciardullo and Stefan Miskovsky, employees of the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, as the only two authorized co-signatories for any transactions relating to the funds credited to the estates of bankruptcies and proposals administered by Frank Sheldon Kisluk / Frank S. Kisluk Limited;
  2. it make no debit, payment or transfer of funds credited to, or which ought to have been credited to, the estates of bankruptcies and proposals administered by Frank Sheldon Kisluk / Frank S. Kisluk Limited without the counter-signature of either Sergio Ciardullo or Stefan Miskovsky;
  3. it not pay out of these accounts: cheques, bills of exchange, bank drafts or other instruments, issued before the receipt of these directions that are presented for payment after the receipt of these directions, without these cheques, bills of exchange, bank drafts or other instruments being countersigned by either Sergio Ciardullo or Stefan Miskovsky;
  4. it submit all statement of accounts, accepted cheques and other documents or information having to do with the above-mentioned estate trust bank accounts to Sergio Ciardullo, Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, 25 St. Clair Avenue East, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M4T 1M2;

These directions take effect immediately and will remain in effect until such time as I am satisfied that the estates no longer require protection;

In accordance with section 14.03(3) of the Act, these directions bind the Bank of Montreal, 2210 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M4S 2B8, which must comply with them;

In accordance with section 14.03(4) of the Act, a person who complies with these directions is not liable for any act done by that person only to comply with these directions.

Signed at the City of Toronto, Ontario, this

Darrin Ulley
Assistant Superintendent of Bankruptcy, Trustee Compliance

This document has been reproduced as submitted by the delegate of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.